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Shameez Car Wash and Interior Cleaning

(504) 287-2337

Auto Detailing, hand washing, exterior and interior cleaning, eco (waterless) car washing available, waxing, headliner cleaning,

inside shampooing, dashboard cleaning, steam cleaning, floor mat shampooing, ceramic coatings, paint protection, paint polishing, carpet and upholstery extraction, carpet and floor mat shampoo and cleaning, leather and vinyl seat cleaning, door pocket cleaning, cupholder and gearshift cleaning, vent dusting and cleaning, vanity polishing, stain removal, goo and sticky stuff cleaning, water in car removal, vacuuming and window cleaning.

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So why is it called detailing? Most people don't really know the answer to this very important question. We get tons of calls to have a detail, get a detail, inquire about a mobile detail or find out what it comes with. Take note that detailing isn't just having your car washed or vacuumed.  When we speak of detailing we speak of actually paying attention to the details in your vehicle. The details of your carpet, the details of your seats and doors, the details of your headliner, wheels, tires and even paint. Whether that is cleaning and conditioning the leather, shampooing the carpet, leaving brush marks on the mats, waxing the paint to a bright shine or making sure your windows are see through. This is what detailing is. This is what it means to have your car detailed. So if you're not having a combination of the above, you are most likely just getting a car wash lol! 

So what is a basic car wash? It could just be an exterior wash or a combination of washing, vacuuming, dusting the dash, cleaning the windows, wheels and adding tire shine. That is a basic car wash. 

What is an eco car wash? This is a car wash without soap and water. It cuts out the need to rinse, fill a bucket with soapy water and wash and dry, and just goes straight to the washing and drying in one step. This is possible because we use a plant based solution mixed with water and spray and wipe. The entire concept was derived due to a water shortage and was employed in drier, more arid regions. Shameez was the first to do it in Nola.

If your car has debris and crumbs inside, the windows are a little spotted and the exterior can use  nice shine, your ride is probably a good candidate for  a car wash. But, if it needs a little more tlc, you can find it in the "details".

-Take Care

Shameez Team